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Environmental Health


Environmental Health

Mosquitoes carrying Malaria constitute the greatest threat to public health in areas where they are endemic. In other areas mosquito species that do not carry disease are a nuisance, causing irritating bites; and therefore control in tourist areas is essential.

The World Health Organisation, together with many other NGO’s, charitable organisations and governments, has major programmes running to reduce Malaria deaths.


By controlling fly and mosquito larvae we can break the insect life cycle preventing larvae becoming flying adults able to breed. Alderelm offer products based on Temephos, Diflubenzuron and Cyromazine. Larvicides are best used with a simultaneous application of a space spray insecticide to control adult flies.

Treating bed nets

Treating bed nets with a residual insecticide to kill alighting mosquitoes attracted by the “human bait”. Whilst nets are often supplied ready-treated with long-life insecticides, many without are still in use or being supplied without. Traditional highly alkaline soaps used for net washing in many countries destroy the insecticide coating.

Alderelm can supply a range of products for the control of Mosquito throughout the lifecycle, for further information on Larvicides, Adulticides and Bed Net treatment, please contact us.