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Plant Growth Regulators

Agriphon, Plant Growth Regulator with systemic properties which is used for dilution with water and application by all types of surface spraying equipment.

Agriphon is used to promote pre-harvest ripening in apples, currants, blackberries, blueberries, cranberrries, morello cherries, citrus fruits, figs, tomatoes, sugar beet and fodder beet seed crops, coffee, capsicums etc to accelerate post-harvest ripening in bananas, mangoes and citrus fruit, to prevent lodging in cereals, maize and flax, to induce flowering of Bromeliads, to induce flowering and regulate ripening in pineapples, to accelerate boll opening in cotton, to modify sex expression in cucumbers and squash, to increase fruit setting and yield in cucumbers, to improve the sturdiness of onion seed crops, to hasten the yellowing of mature tobacco leaves, to stimulate latex flow in rubber trees and resin flow in pine trees, to stimulate early uniform hull split in walnuts etc.

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